I have been a psychologist for 30 years and often have wished I could get information out to a large number of people and now I have decided that writing a blog may be the best way to do that.  I like the idea of having an opportunity to give people some insight into ways to work with behavior patterns that they observe, and maybe live with! I have found that when I am able to provide people with additional information, that they are able to make significant changes in their own lives, or in the lives of their loved ones.

My first “love” in psychology has been diagnosis. I have enjoyed testing a variety of people and learning from the results of those assessments. In my private practice, I have had the opportunity to see how testing results can apply to real life situations.

Here’s my disclaimer—don’t use this information as a substitute to good evaluation.  Instead, use it as additional information, or maybe as some coaching to help you along the way.  It is a difficult and sometimes lonely task to work with someone whose behavior is different and sometimes difficult.  But, it has been my experience that when you understand, it becomes much easier to deal with.

In addition, psychologists always have comments on a variety of different subjects, so I thought I would give myself permission to include those thoughts on my website.