“Dr. Chesnutt’s book is an incredible gift to parents of Syndrome Y boys and ultimately to the boys themselves. It is written with warmth, clarity and humor, and it instills a great sense of hope for the future. The Syndrome Y Solution is realistic, but always optimistic, and provides practical, concrete steps to help these boys get “unstuck.””

Carolyn Piver Dukarm, M.D., Adolescent Medicine Specialist Author: Pieces of a Puzzle: The Link between Eating Disorders and ADD

“Schools today, particularly middle schools and high schools, are trying to figure out how to deal with Syndrome Y boys. We’ve tried “everything” with little success. But, working with parents who are using this system of building emotional strength has enabled us to see success.”

Lisa O’Rourke, M.S., School Counselor

“Building emotional strength fascinated me. I like the idea of building strength by independent activity and the concept of helping where help is needed only.”

Terry Smith, L.M.F.T., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“Where was this book when I was raising my sons? This is an incredible resource for parents.”

Nancy Grimmick, B.S.R.N., M.S.

“When Dr. Chesnutt helped me see the difference between helping and enabling, I was able to help my son build emotional strength. He is a success story!”

Michelle Giles

“Ms. Chesnutt’s interpretation of the Syndrome Y Solution should be used by professionals everywhere to help the boys understand what they face and how to cope with the changes they need to make to live a healthy life.”

Jodie Altman, M.S., C.A.S.A.C., Adolescent Treatment Center Director

“Thank you to Karen Chesnutt for helping parents and educators understand that underachieving and non-productive students are not lazy or willfully obstructive. Students who are unable to meet the demands placed on them in school need help developing the strength and skills they lack. They do not need blame.”

Susan Lambert, M.Ed., Retired Special Education Teacher

“Dr. Chesnutt’s work addresses the epidemic of difficult boys whose problems with life are not necessarily measurable via traditional testing. For practitioners, parents, and people interested in human behavior, mark this book urgent and put it at the top of your reading list.”

Kelly Bainbridge, L.M.S.W., Licensed Master Social Worker, Support Group Facilitator