Better for the fish, for the fishermen, and for the environment.  

So, we’re doing things a little different.
Gulf of Maine Sashimi works directly with fishermen to secure the highest quality seafood on the market.
We train harvesters in best handling practices, and we guarantee premium prices to the boats in exchange for top-quality seafood.

Gulf of Maine Sashimi provides a diverse suite of seafood harvested at their seasonal peak in harmony with the ocean, serving our customers with exciting diversity that changes with the seasons.

Fish that is different. Special.

For unparalleled quality Gulf of Maine seafood, we work directly with fishermen who use best handling practices as soon as the fish come out of the water. The result is a unique offering, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Rediscover what the Gulf of Maine has to offer, including a diverse seasonal variety, through Gulf of Maine Sashimi.


Our Beginning

Gulf of Maine Sashimi was founded to realize the greatest potential for fish harvested from the New England region.

The highest quality, most expensive fish sold domestically is often imported from other countries, while prices to local fishermen are often too low to cover the expense of harvesting, leaving stocks under-fished and coastal communities at economic risk.

By guaranteeing premium prices to fishermen in exchange for a high-quality product, we are creating a new seafood business paradigm that contributes to coastal economic health, food security, and environmental stewardship.

This mission-driven business venture was launched as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. To learn more, visit gmri.org/ventures.