We are on a mission to make things better.

Better for the fish, for the fishermen, and for the environment.

Gulf of Maine Sashimi works directly with fishermen to secure the highest quality seafood on the market.

We train harvesters in best handling practices, and we guarantee premium prices to the boats in exchange for top-quality seafood.

Gulf of Maine Sashimi provides a diverse suite of seafood harvested at their seasonal peak in harmony with the ocean, serving our customers with exciting diversity that changes with the seasons.


As soon as they come out of the water, the fish we sell are handled in a manner that maintains pristine quality and prolongs shelf life. They are killed humanely to reduce stress, bled, and chilled in a saltwater ice slurry. The result is supreme taste, texture, and shelf life. We also focus on whole fish and fish parts, reducing the amount of the animal that is wasted.


Our harvester partners agree that a healthy ocean and thriving fish stocks are both inherently good and critical for long-term business health. Our partners contribute to a variety of voluntary research, management, and monitoring efforts.


The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) pioneers collaborative solutions to global ocean challenges. As a subsidiary of GMRI, Gulf of Maine Sashimi supports the resilience of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and the communities that depend on it.