Read what our customers are saying about our fish and see some of their creations.
    • “I love having a source of high-quality, local fish. In addition to the pristine product, the mission of eating in harmony with the ocean and supporting the local fishing community is really important to me.”

      — Matt Ginn, Chef, Evo Kitchen and Bar

    • “We’re thrilled to work with Gulf of Maine Sashimi as a distributor to high-end chefs. The quality of their fish is outstanding, and our customers love the story behind the fish and knowing that they are supporting commercial fishermen and fishing communities.”

      — Hunter Stagg, Brand Manager, Samuels and Son Seafood

    • “I am constantly on the hunt for seafood that allows me to feature local and seasonal diversity on my menu. Gulf of Maine Sashimi provides me access to a phenomenal variety of quality fish that is wild, local, and sustainable. Their team is young and ambitious. I can’t wait to see how they grow.”

      — Neil Ross, Chef, Little Giant Restaurant

    • “I have a passion for fish and I always work hard to source high quality, local seafood wherever I am. I’m thankful to have an exciting array of local products through Gulf of Maine Sashimi.”

      — Gil Plaster, Chef, BlueFin North Atlantic Restaurant