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Join us in our commitment to local fishermen and access the freshest fish possible.



We remain committed to working with local seafood harvesters to get their products in the hands of consumers, even as traditional markets for seafood remain stagnant. Help us support local fishermen while accessing the very best the sea has to offer.

Step 1: Make your fish selections below.

Step 2: Select your pick up location and pay on the check out screen.

Step 3: Arrive at the designated time and place, and we will safely get your order to you, adhering to social distancing and sanitation guidelines.

More Information on how we operate and what to expect here. Please e-mail with additional questions. Thank you!

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*This is delivered to the island via Casco Bay Lines freight. This is not an opportunity to pick up in Portland.

Our Food Safety Practices

At Gulf of Maine Sashimi, we adhere to strict sanitation standards. We operate in a third-party certified facility where we practice all sanitation and personal hygiene rules, including wearing hair nets, hand washing, and gloving. Our entire facility is sanitized before we begin work in the morning, and we cleanse and scrub every surface of our totes, tools, walls, and floors before sanitizing them again at the end of production.

All orders will be packed to order and distributed in packages to customers who order ahead of time. No fish will be exposed and only gloved employees will have access to the orders for distribution.

Further, because of the nature of our business, very few people ever have the chance to come in contact with your fish before it gets you…2-3 people on the boat and 3-4 people at our facility.