Atlantic Mackerel, Whole/Cleaned ($/each)


One of our most sought-after products, Atlantic mackerel is a gorgeous fish with distinctive shiny bluish-green and black stripes and a silver underside. Mackerel’s flavor is also distinctive and can make any dish sing. We recommend using the mackerel whole, either roasted or grilled. Mackerel is also popular pickled, smoked, and pan fried. Mackerel grow up to 16 inches long and 2lbs in weight and can live up to 20 years. Most of our mackerel is about 12 inches long and weighs just shy of a pound.  Mackerel is sensitive to water temperature change and travels long distances near the surface of the ocean to spawn and feed.  Mackerel is harvested by jigs, weirs, and trawls.

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