Our fish don’t stink, but Brendan does

People think fish stink. They don’t. Well, they do if you mistreat them, leave them in the sun, or don’t clean them properly (bananas stink if you leave them in your backpack for a week, so we’ve heard). But our fish don’t stink. They smell like the ocean. You can run your (preferably gloved) hand along the scales and not come away smelling like fish (which, by the way, don’t stink). You can stick your nose right in the gills and take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine you’re on a beach in Nantucket.

On the other hand, Brendan (our sourcing and sales guy, jack-of-all, man who works tirelessly every day) stinks. Well, at least his overalls do. Well, they did. Brendan’s overalls are being retired today because he just cannot get them clean. For those of you who aspire to work with fish every day, here’s a tip: Buy cheap overalls that have no weave. We learned this one the hard way.  

And remember: Our fish don’t stink, even if we do.